INVEST is a community-wide initiative working to sustain and improve the health of Ozaukee County residents. Its goals are to identify needs and/or gaps in services to improve the overall physical and mental health of county residents. Effective July 15, 2019, a community health needs assessment of Ozaukee County will be under way. Management Decisions is the research firm that will be conducting a telephone survey of 400 randomly selected residents, and they will be making calls to cell phones and landlines until they have reached 400 people.

The Community Health Survey is being conducted by Management Decisions in partnership with JKV Research, an independent, Wisconsin-based research firm that specializes in community surveys and data analytics.
The results will be released later this year. These community health surveys are aimed at meeting several objectives:
 Gathering local data to document health status related to the health priorities established by the state health plan.
 Identifying local health behaviors or risk factors that present opportunities for health promotion and health care cost reduction.
 Tracking the success of community health improvement activities.
 Allowing these partners to document population health indicators to help guide health improvement efforts.

So when “Management Decisions” calls, you will know it’s not a robo-call.

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